Hot Tub Service and Repairs

Call Us… If your hot tub isn’t working we can help

Hot tub service and repairs – We’re just a phone call away. Our phone consultations are FREE. An onsite service appointment will be recommended in certain situations, however many calls have resulted in problems being fixed over the phone.

We Fix all Makes & Models

We are experienced in diagnosing and repairing all hot tub makes and models. There’s almost no problem we haven’t seen or repaired. Our technicians are experienced, factory trained and dedicated to getting your hot tub up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Heaters, pumps and other components replacement.
  • Spa pak or control board replacement. The spa pak is the electronic heart of your hot tub. We can replace your old spa pak with new one featuring the latest energy saving technology.
  • Leaks diagnosed and repaired.
  • Full hot tub inspections and maintenance programs available.
  • Any problem you have with your hot tub we can fix ……Call us.

Trust your hot tub to our professional team and relax knowing that your hot tub will be ready whenever you want to use it. We offer hot tub service and repair, hot tub cleaning, hot tub opening and closing services, expert tips and advice on hot tub care and maintenance from our factory trained experts. You choose, we’ll take some -or all – of the work out of maintaining your hot tub – all you have to do is enjoy it.

Our Services

You may choose any of the hot tub service and repairs listed below or select one of our maintenance packages that is right for you and helps save you money.

Complete Hot Tub Inspection

A Hot Tub inspection takes about an hour – and it is the best way to make sure your Hot Tub is working properly. This is an ideal service if your hot tub is 3 years old and older or you purchased a home with a hot tub already installed. Hot Tub inspections are typically scheduled with other services such as a drain clean and fill and may include:

  • O ring inspections on all plumbing unions to prevent leaks
  • Check heater gaskets and pump seals
  • GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupt) connection needs to be checked to be sure your electrical connection is safe for your family.
  • Overall check of equipment ensuring proper operation.

Drain Clean & Fill

Almost every hot tub manufacturer recommends draining and refilling your hot tub several times per year. (Every 3 to 4 months depending on use) Not following this recommendation can lead to:

  • Voiding of your warranty!
  • Unsanitary, murky or grimy water conditions
  • Itchy skin, rashes or other skin problems
  • Equipment deterioration

Draining a hot tub can take up to an hour. We bring special equipment to drain your hot tub water.  The refilling time is dependent on the homeowner’s water availability and pressure and can vary from 1 – 3 hours.

Suggestion: Because of the length of time it takes to drain and refill the hot tub, it is recommended that scheduling other services to be performed at the same time can result in a savings for you. Please check out our maintenance packages to find the package that’s right for you.

Note: water must to be over 80 °F to add chem therefore balancing not available with this service.

Hot Tub Opening Package

Have your hot tub opened! It’s now time to enjoy it once more! Our expert team will make sure that every part of your hot tub is in its best working order.

Hot Tub Closing Package

Don’t plan on using your hot tub for an extended period of time!

Call Tub & Deck Tech…we’ll close your hot tub properly.

  • Bacteria and mold can form and grow in un-drained lines and it will enter your water upon activation. This will cause a foul odor and is unhealthy.
  • Improper closing of your hot tub for the winter can cause many problems. Cold temperatures can crack manifolds, freeze plumbing and pumps and cause thousands of dollars of damage.

Chemical Maintenance Programs

Whatever kind of chemicals you use in your hot tub, Tub & Deck Tech can offer you a program tailored to meet your requirements and Budget. We can reduce the amount of time and chemicals used for maintenance.

Hot Tub Maintenance Programs

Coming Soon:

We can customize a package that best suits you!  Please contact us to discuss details.